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Facebook is one of the Biggest and Most Popular Social Site, Most of the internet users are using Facebook, now days many people, companies & celebrities create their Facebook Page where they share information, pictures, news and many more things.

Now days many people create fake Facebook pages of celebrities, brands & companies for this problem Facebook Introduce a very interesting feature called verified page and non verified page, If you have any brand, company, website and you are using Facebook page then you should verify your page.

Verify Facebook Page in Just 10 Seconds and & 3 Steps! Verify your Facebook page.

What is Facebook verified page?

A verified page or profile is a recognition that is originated by Facebook, which means that the page/profile is an official. The verified page/profile contains a blue badge beside the name of page/profile.

You can apply to make your profile or page official if you’re one of the following:

Government officials
Popular brands and businesses
If you think your profile/page is an authenticated, you can apply for a blue badge by following the below procedure. This badge helps the visitors/followers to recognize the page from a far fetched search result very cleraly, you always have your targeted audience in your hands.

Benefits of Verified Facebook Page

Your fan following will engage more people to like your page,
People will trust with your posted information,
Verified Facebook Page increase fan following,
Page reach is increased of verified Facebook pages ?

If you are here, then surely you have Facebook Page and you want to verify your Facebook page, Today we are going to show you the easiest way to verify Facebook page.

Requirements to verify Facebook page

Your Page should be related to the following categories

Government Officials
Known Companies

Way to Verify Facebook Page

Here is the step by step Guide to verify FB Page, follow the below steps to verify your Facebook Fan page.


1) First of all login to your Facebook account in which you create your Page and then click on below link:


2) Then Request a “Verified Badge Page will open“

3) After that select your Facebook Fan Page

4) Then attach a photo of your ID if you’re a public figure or articles of incorporation if you represent a media, entertainment or sports company.

(You can add more than one ID, If you have)

5) If you have official website then you should also add the official website.

6) Now click on Send Button.

That’s it, Now just wait for a few days, Facebook will identify your page and if they found your page genuine, then they will verify your

FB page and inform you via Email.

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