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Entrepreneurs have brilliant ideas, and Spectrum Tech has all the necessary expertise – from Business Analysis to User Experience Design to, of course, custom software development, quality assurance and deployment to help transform ideas into a successful market offering. As problem solvers, Spectrum teams love new challenges. Thus, we love working with startups. We have worked with dozens of startups of the years and our Startups Practice has been growing rapidly over the last half a dozen years. We understand the challenges that small companies face, and we are very flexible in our business models in working with startups adjusting to their special needs. Spectrum Tech rigorous software development and quality assurance processes mesh well with startups’ need for speed. Our flexible Agile Methodology makes it possible for a never-before-developed product to take shape and adjust to true market needs in real time.

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Our Customized Software Development Services Include the Professional Design and Development of

 Enterprise level websites and Ecommerce solutions.
 Consolidated and organized information browsers or search systems.
 Distributed Applications.
 Windows and Unix Applications.
 Client/server Applications.
 Desktop Applications.
 Custom Mobile applications, as well as the development of GPRS and WAP Applications.
 Custom Facebook Applications.

ERP solutions that include customized development of construction software, campus software, hospitality software, HR and Payroll, Financials ERP solution, Workflow automation systems and other custom business software for smooth business processes. However, that is not it. Our software engineers also perform usability testing, maintenance and support for the applications, websites and database solutions to achieve optimal performance, and also provide consultancy to recommend any improvements or changes needed to control technology in the best possible way.

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