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Widgets, or simple applications that are installed on top of websites or blogs, are subtle tools that can have a profound effect on your website’s success. Given the variety of functions widgets serve – most notably social media integration – you can be sure to discover a widget or set of widgets that enhances your website’s UI in a personalized, interactive way. Many business owners leverage widgets as a way of communicating that their company is state-of-the-art and on top social networking trends. This, in turn, attracts younger customers who have vast potential to become long-term client

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Social Media Widgets Help  You Connect to Your Prospects

There are several varieties of widgets and gadgets that Spectrum Tech works with. If you’d like to set up a Twitter account and display your most recent Tweets on your company website, we can develop an RSS news feed that will constantly push the fresh information from Twitter to your website – which is great for SEO, too! We can also place links on your website that connect users to your Facebook page, allowing them to “like” your company and generate grassroots publicity for your brand. They can even leave comments about how your company and service has really impressed them: free and valuable advertising. Finally, if you sell clothing, art, food, or another highly visual product, a Pinterest widget is a must. This will allow customers to share products they want or like with their network, vastly increasing the number of people who notice your business. Use our contact form to learn more about how website widgets and gadgets from Spectrum Tech can drive your company’s success!

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