This is the best way to tell the story, and nowadays it has become a trend and even the big companies are using the whiteboard animation, what it requires is the artist make a small precise to the point video to catch the eye of the people.


White board animation is a door that will open you up to design and animated in ways you will never understand until you do it. To animate, you must learn to see. Seeing with clarity is a powerful force for anything you do visually


Whiteboard animation is almost the same as what it sounds like, a board for your story. Serving as a visual representation of still images of what your movie will stop up being, a whiteboard . is every key moment of a film drawn out and presented in order, comparable to a photo book. It has key actions and events all laid out visually, as well as the camera angles and any camera movements. The word whiteboard comes from when you have these pictures all drawn out studios would frequently pin them up on a corkboard, actually making a whiteboard.


Whiteboard themselves do not have to speak bubbles, so they’re now not like a comic book model of the film. They go away the communicate and any important points off and just focus on what the visual will be. They’ll every so often consist of massive arrows to show if something is zooming in or panning left or right however they put the communicate or any key information down below, or have anybody discuss through the whiteboard whilst presenting them.

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