There are multiple steps Spectrum tech can track on your competition. The initial action is to find competitors. I assume you understand many of them, especially direct competition. The thing is that your potential clients might match you to different providers, which might be not so close to you so you might not know them. There are multiple issues “What are choices to …” and alike. Compare what companies are considered in results and you should get a nice overview of your competition. Once Spectrum tech knows who is your fighting with, we can dig more rooted in their marketing strategy. How to do that? Well, there exist certain techniques spectrum uses and we will briefly describe 3 of them.


Search engine optimization is one of the most important drivers of traffic. If we face with well-established businesses who had a lot of time to optimize their website, get backlinks, etc., it’s worth to know how exactly their SEO strategy looks like. We can either try a similar strategy or find loopholes in their plan to create our own. One of the tools we use to do it is Positionly.


Referrals are one of the best causes of traffic. It’s hard to find people who spread positive word of mouth offline, but if they do it on social media you can find them quite comfortably. Searching tweets, which mention a specific company would take a lot of time and would not be accurate so it’s better to find a tool designed to do it. It’s Followerwonk – a tool belonging to Moz’s family. With it, we can effortlessly find important ambassadors. Find a system to get to them and convert them into your ambassadors


Spectrum tech uses search engine marketing to boost traffic. Try to check it manually and Google terms that we think our competition might be bidding on, but it’s not the most reliable solution. First, they might be using the keyword we didn’t think of. Second – they might be using geographical targeting and you might be outer of their target area so you won’t see their ad. This is why it’s better to use a tool. One of them is iSpionage that Spectrum tech uses. It can give us not only keywords but also landing pages.