Facebook marketing promotes a brand and maintains the presence of that brand on Facebook


Facebook marketing includes organic (free), paid, and boosted a post. More than 1.4 billion users are increasing every month on Facebook.


Facebook is an essential tool for generating brand awareness and interaction between customers and sellers.


We are really good at our job. We have tools that will allow you 
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Grow Leads And Sale

The focus goal of Facebook advertising in Pakistan is to boost leads and sales. We offer companies that do not have the sources to set-up Facebook advertising, set-up, and management. We intend to provide all the Facebook advertising help your business needs to get flowing off the ground. This is not a one-time set-up; in fact, we foretell we can maintain your Facebook account for months, even years to come. This will gives you a hands-free plan to focus on various phases of your business and let us manage your social media platforms for better growth and greater success.

Our Facebook Marketing Process

Our devoted marketing specialists will maintain your Facebook marketing campaign while you focus on running an incredible business.


Facebook’s reach indicates the number of unique people who saw your post. The post reach on facebook affects likes, engagements, comments, clicks, and negative feedback. There are many types of post reach on Facebook paid, organic, post, page, and viral. Everything on Facebook depends on the reach.

Post reach and page reach are the two different things. In post reach, a specific post is shown to several people in their news feed, but on page reach, several posts of a page are shown to several people on their news feed.


Facebook engagements are those actions which are taken by someone on your facebook page or any one of your post. The most common example of Facebook engagements are likes, comments, share, and it also includes when someone checks your location or tag you in a post. Facebook engagements matter because it helps in creating organic reach. First, engagement helps in boosting your News Feed according to Facebook algorithms. Secondly, likes, share comments and tagging some other people contribute to extending the audience. Finally, Facebook engagements also indicate that your audience is well engaged with your post, and this is the thing that every brand aims for.


Facebook has 2.38 billion monthly active users. Research tells that these users watch 3 billion hours of video every day, including 16 min of video ads every month. Research shows that 54% of people wanted to see videos from brands or businesses they support. Video marketing is more effective than regular post-marketing.


Facebook marketing is essential for starting a business or establishing a brand. As Facebook is used by half of the population of the world, that’s why it is very much important for a brand or a business to start marketing through facebook. Facebook generate leads for the brand and also divert traffic to their website.


The goal is to build a Facebook platform that converts prospects into purchasers, and we at Spectrum tech hope to accomplish just this. We run a result-driven campaign, and so far, we have surpassed the expectations of all our clients.