Bookings can be made by Spectrum tech both through a modeling agency, through other third parties (e.g. photographers) or by appointing directly with the model. The policies of the contract partner which vary from the following conditions shall not be allowed. Such differing terms and conditions shall not be a matter of the contract, even if the customer does not expressly deny.

These general terms and conditions will implement to all bookings of photographic models by the customer. These general policies shall practice in the framework of an ongoing business relationship – also without express involvement – for all future orders, offers, deliveries, and services

The booking will set a contractual relationship between the customer and the photographic model which is designated by the Spectrum tech. The Spectrum tech will expressly assure to be correspondingly authorized by the photographic model. These regulations will also be binding for the signing of Spectrum tech. Statements of the Spectrum tech shall always be made in the name and on behalf of the photographic model. The Spectrum tech shall pay the customer against all damages which occur from the point that they have not obliged the photographic model in the contractually agreed scope contrary to the prior assurance. This shall also include the costs of the legal representation which accrue to the customer during defense against use by the photographic model.

Option bookings are bookings that are subjected to a required date, but, provisional. The Spectrum tech note options in the order of their applications and inform the customer about the order which is used for noting the option already during application.

Firm bookings shall be necessary for both parties. Upon request of the customer, the Spectrum tech or the model him-/herself must immediately confirm firm bookings in writing or via fax/email, specifying all details which are essential for these bookings.


Our team reviews each client before he can continue with booking so it’s a reliable and trusted online environment to be booked.
If we feel any skepticism concerning the job application we investigate.
Deal directly with the industry professional, no agents taking a commission.
You don’t need to pay any fees or commission at all! The complete amount is given to you, so there are no wonders.
You will particularly be approached by approved industry professionals.
We provide you and the booker help & guidance before, during and after the shoot.
Money is handled securely by Spectrum tech ensuring a safe and reliable service.
If your booking got canceled before the shoot, yet you will get paid. If you have any queries.. simply contact us!


The booking service is advanced and even if it will be presented successfully in the other modeling community, Spectrum tech is the first one to offer it! It’s so much easy for me and the fashion professionals!


Spectrum tech is a digital marketing company that lets model to connect with agencies, photographers and different industry professionals. Being booked through Spectrum tech is as easy as it could possibly for your clients, you will enjoy photo session, it will be pleasant to work when there is a good team behind. Our Modeling Community has a lot of experts from the photography world and it was always great help to be on such a site to find you more easily when working. You should prefer Spectrum the even if it is the first experience of booking a professional model. Spectrum tech will allow you to choose from different distinctive faces, which was a positive experience on its own. you will get a very quick response. You will be happy for the experience that you might have with Spectrum tech.

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