Our site audit services are completely transparent. We are here to help you know your business and its competitor by site audit. Working in this field for more than a decade, we know the mind of a business man. This will help you in knowing that where your business standing is and where we will take it. This in result will help you to overcome the problems of your business. Our SEO services are guaranteed and quick than all of our competitors. You will start seeing results the very next moment. Once your problems will be solve then automatically the sales will increase.

Having an in-house team of more than 100+ and SEO specialists, we have expertise in the technical and the creative sector. Our experience has given us the ability to provide an excellent SEO service to clients belonging from any industry. If you’re looking for a reliable & trusted SEO company, you are at the right place right now. Our team will give you reports of each and every step we take for your SEO.

What makes us stand out from others is that we build a strong communication with our clients. Before starting the project, we dig inside the mind of our client to know their targets and expectations. At Spectrum, your project will be led by a whole dedicated team consisting of SEO specialist, project manager, creative designer, and social media manager. The team will be continually in contact with you. Your website SEO will reach to a next level with Spectrum.



Preparing a site audit is a whole science. We provide the best site audit in which the deficiencies are marked and we also compare it with your competitor. Our team is fully dedicated towards your project. The right people will see your brand. Our aim is to help you interact with your customers in an advanced manner. Site audit totally rely on the type of your business. In our site audit following things are included


Overview report


Branded full audit analysis


Error report


Competitor and social analysis


Priority scorecard


Quote to fix error

How do we make a site audit?

We will analyze your site audit by paid tools and through our searches. We do a complete search on your brand and about your brands competitor so we can analyze that where are you standing with your competitor in your market.

Importance of site audit

The only way to defeat exceed rivals is to have a fully functional, optimized website with seamless user involvement across top devices and browsers. We will make your brand top with a dedicated consultant team which is working with years of search engine optimization experience and technical expertise so that you can root out all sitewide inefficiencies impeding your marketing engine.

How will we make a site audit?

Anyone can make a site audit, but the optimization is the key point and using proper tool. We have the expertise to give you a proper site audit in which your deficiencies will be marked in a proper form. What we will do


Assigning a dedicated team

We will assign you a team of project manager, SEO expert, developer. They will exclusively manage your project. Our team is specialized in this field.


Strategie Planning

Our site audit strategies are built to provide the best services to our clients. Our planning will completely fit your business and fulfill your expectation, and you will get to know how to overcome these problems.


Monthly planning

We make a monthly planning in which we will tell that from where we have started and to where we will take your brands till the end of the month.


Approval & implementation

After approving and discussing the plan, it will be implemented on your website.


Our most essential work in SEO is to make a proper site audit in which all the flaws are properly mentioned and in which we also mention how to overcome and how much time will it take. It is a written form which is easy to understand and in which you will also get to know about your competitor and where they are standing in the business.
Whether it be an international brand, you will easily get to know about our SEO services and our way of work.


We recommend to take our SEO services for at least 6 months and we recommend you to make your site audit by us in which you will get to know about your competitor and the flaws with how to overcome it.