Are you getting your website services updated frequently? If true, does the website maintenance take a huge toll on you? Does the limited website maintenance company take too long to answer as well as attend to? No worry, don’t get frustrated. Spectrum tech’s Web Maintenance company is at your disposal. You can call also fix them for routine maintenance, with periodical updates.

Web Maintenance Services can considerably decrease your web costs by dispensing with the requirement to hire full-time programmers or web designers. Spectrum tech’s Web maintenance Services is staffed with qualified also skilled personnel. They are proven trouble-shooters in the field. Therefore, you can trust your web maintenance works on an outsourcing basis for us. We offer support jobs associated with your web maintenance needs, content management system as well as email campaigning. Once you have been contracted by Spectrum tech, you can sit behind or attend to your core chores free from website maintenance worries. As a result, your company would grow unimpeded earning in interrupted profits.

At Spectrum tech, our culture is to make full involvement in working on web maintenance needs. For instance, earlier, we have worked on several website design maintenance and website services projects that demanded more than just maintaining existing websites also website services. Along with maintenance works, we also worked on adding new content, bug fixing, constant technical support as well as many more.
Once your website services are launched, we undertake a whole range of key activities to accomplish the website services support schedules too, as a corollary.

We consider that this will be at the sustainable advantage for the future, preventing major failures of web server, Therefore, we believe in long-term collaborative organizations. We will be involved in not only building applications, yet also in managing applications so that our best skills can complement a business. Spectrum tech is a leading digital Company. We provide website maintenance and website services at affordable prices. Quality, quickness, also ensuring uninterrupted website presence at affordable cost are the hallmarks of our Web Maintenance Service. You’re benefited, also so are we, if you update your websites.



Whether you are a small business or a big enterprise, your website is very precious to you as well as to us.

Also since WordPress is so easy as well as fun to work with, you certainly may be enjoying working on your website. You may additionally want to verify our recently- published WordPress Checklist to try your hands on it.

However, when it comes to solving a technical error, regardless of how simplified the WordPress or Custom website is, you will still need good Website Maintenance as well as Security support services to get things working smoothly again.
That’s when you’ll need Spectrum tech, a web development company in Karachi who’ll take care of your website as your very own tech support team.


  • Providing weekly backup
  • Adding new pages.
  • Adding new images.
  • Adding website coding languages HTML, PHP,also CSS.
  • Cleaning up as well as maintaining websites that were even created by others.
  • Providing regular updates beyond maintenance.
  • Charging cost-effectively
  • Providing phone, e-mail as well as chat Support


  • Testing after every edit
  • Arranging a full backup copy of your website
  • Making monthly detailed invoicing
  • Communication by e-mail, 5 days a week
  • Extending friendly, personal service!
  • Providing product changes also additions
  • Supplying updates to the calendar of events
  • Adding breaking news or upcoming events
  • Adding photos, graphics, graphs, as well as charts
  • Providing text re-writes and improvements
  • Making site facelifts as well as makeovers
  • Keeping the homepage fresh for return customers
  • Entering into Annual Maintenance Contract 

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